Watch What This Baby Does When Her Dad Starts Playing His Guitar!

It’s no secret that babies love music! Over the years, we’ve shown you plenty of evidence of this in the form of an acapella-loving newborn, a toddler who has a seriously advanced sense of rhythm for her age, and even a babe who does a pretty mean impersonation of Elvis Presley.

Yep, we’ve delivered plenty of pint-sized musical talent, but the video that we’re sharing with you today is unlike one we have ever seen before. It stars a beautiful baby girl who just can’t get enough of Bon Jovi’s headbanging anthem “Dead or Alive.” Yep, that Bon Jovi

The video, which has been a YouTube hit for almost 8 years now, stars Sydney Foye, an 8-month-old baby who just loves it when her daddy serenades her with the tunes of his generation. No Wiggles or Barney for this kiddo– she wants to rock. In fact, she even gets in on the action by “singing” along and strumming his guitar. A future rock star, if we’ve ever seen one!

Speaking of rock stars, Sydney’s dad, Aaron, actually works as the monitor engineer for none other than Willie Nelson. Like father, like daughter!

Recently, The Daily Mail caught up with the Foye family in an effort to see if little Sydney had become the star she is destined to be. As it turns out, the girl is still an elementary schooler — so not quite packing stadiums yet — but her dad did confirm that she loves to sing. In fact, the daddy-daughter duo still have jam sessions together to this very day. How special is that?!

OK, we won’t keep this adorable viral video from you any longer. Without further ado, here’s a baby rocking out to an ’80s hair band classic. It doesn’t get much cuter than this, folks…

We can practically hear you going “awwww” from the other side of the screen! Did you love this adorable video? Do you have a baby who loves to participate in sing-a-longs? If so, what is their favorite type of music?