Who doesn’t love getting their hair washed? It’s arguably the best part of going to the stylist! The warm water, the amazing smell of the shampoo you can’t afford, and the relaxing sensation of someone massaging your scalp…I wish I was getting my hair washed right now.

But, as much as we enjoy getting our hair washed as adults, can you imagine experiencing this for the first time? That is a moment we would like to live in forever, please and thank you.

Well, for those of us who can’t remember what it was like to get your hair washed for the first time, you only have to watch this adorable baby to relive the moment!

This newborn baby is getting her first ever hair wash, and she is loving every minute of it. The nurse mentioned in the comments of the YouTube video that it’s often difficult to wash a baby for the first time; typically they’re uncomfortable and unhappy, and usually put up quite a fight when it comes to bath time.

Not this little girl.

She looks totally at peace getting her head massaged! Her eyes are closed, there’s the tiniest smile on her face, and otherwise she’s incredibly still. Her face basically summarizes how all of us feel in this moment.

Baby gets her hair brushed.jojo
When the nurses take a little tub of water and dumps it over her hair, to wash out the suds of shampoo, her faint smile breaks out into a big grin! She’s so happy and we’re loving her reaction, not knowing what to expect next from this luxurious experience. We may know what the next step is, but this little baby certainly doesn’t! It’s nice to almost live vicariously through her as she enjoys this for the first time.

Little does she know, her spa experience is nowhere close to being over.

Next, the nurses take a soft-bristle brush and begin to stroke the baby’s hair. At first, she seems confused. But after a second her mouth is literally hanging open; she’s totally entranced by the sensation.

Baby loves getting her hair washed.jojo
At one point, the nurses say, “I think she’s asleep.” The little girl immediately opens her eyes, as if to tell the nurses she’s awake, please don’t stop! Luckily for her, they go on for another minute or two, slowly brushing her hair in circles before giving her one final rinse.

By the final rinsing of her hair, this baby looks like she’s straight-up grinning. We’ve never seen a baby with this expression on her face before!

The nurses finally finish up by gently draping a towel over the baby’s wet hair. At this point, the little girl looks like she’s just trying to wrap her mind around what she just experienced – she may be asleep at this point, or just in a daze, it’s hard to tell.

Whatever she’s feeling, we’re certain she’ll be counting down the moment until her next hair wash!

What do you think of this baby’s adorable reaction? Does anyone love getting their hair washed THIS much? Share your thoughts on this cute video in the comment section below.