The Last 6 Grandkids Were Boys. Wait Until You See Everyone’s Reaction When They Find out the Latest Grandkid Is a Girl!

A fun newer trend is making the gender of your baby a secret, and then revealing it to your friends and family with a “gender reveal party”. It’s a fun way to celebrate your child coming into the world, and who doesn’t like a good surprise! But this new mom just took things to a whole new level. She was already the mother of three boys, and all the other kids in the family were all boys as well. So when she got pregnant with her fourth child, she decided to have a little fun with her family. Watch the video below to see her epic baby surprise.

So, naturally, the big reveal of the gender happened in the hospital room. But it was so much more than just revealing the gender for the first time.

This mom lied to her family, telling them another boy was on the way. When in reality, she had just had a girl! The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless as they realize one by one that they have their first little girl in the family.

The best of all is the grandpa, who they try to tip off with a pink bow on the babies’ head…which he does not pick up on at all. But when they tell him, he’s just as thrilled as everyone else that they have a new baby girl to welcome into the world.