Here’s a survey for all of you parents out there: did you find out your baby’s gender before or after he or she made his or her entrance into the world? While this possibility has only been an option in the past few decades or so, most everybody, regardless of age, has a strong opinion in the “to wait or not to wait” debate.

For families on the “not to wait” side of things, one of the biggest advantages is knowing exactly what kind of clothing and accessories to buy for the little boy or girl. While parents of old and families who decide to wait – or parents who just don’t care about assigning color to gender! – stick to neutral palettes or shades of green, those who do find out their future child’s gender in a sonogram are wondering whether to paint that nursery blue or pink. And let’s be honest, a lot of the time it’s also extended family who can’t wait to rush out and buy a “Favorite Nephew” or “Grandma’s Little Girl” onesie!

However you feel about pink and blue – we say, to each their own! – or the timing of gender reveals, what it really seems to come down to for families who decide to find out ahead of time is a sense of preparation and control. Finding out a baby’s gender removes one more unknown variable from the pregnancy and birth equation— most of the time. As one couple found out, even the most advanced medical technology and the most careful preparations don’t mean there aren’t some surprises on the way!

The couple in question is Danielle and Kyle Williams, who were already parents to one adorable little girl. When they became pregnant with their second child, they were eager to find out if they would be having a little brother or a little sister for their firstborn. Naturally, that desire led them to find out at one of their ultrasound appointments, about four months into Danielle’s pregnancy. Kyle tells Inside Edition:

We were told it [the sonogram] wasn’t the best picture when she printed it for us, but she assured us she saw at the very beginning of the ultrasound that it was in fact a baby sister for our daughter.

The technician basically assured the couple that they were indeed having a girl. They shared the news with their families, who immediately rushed out to buy lots of pink clothing and accessories in anticipation of the newest little girl in their family.

Then Danielle gave birth. You can see where this one’s going, right?

Sonogram predicted boy as girlInside Edition | Little Things

Yup, to everybody’s surprise, the baby turned out to be a boy, not the promised girl. The happy parents were of course grateful that their baby was completely healthy, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t also shocked! Kyle shares:

I just kept looking back and forth at my wife, not saying anything to her, and she finally frantically asked me, “What’s wrong?!” And all I could say to her was, “Well, there’s a BIT of a surprise.”

To tell the truth, the fact that the sonogram was read incorrectly isn’t that much of a surprise in the grand scheme of things. We mean, just look at that blurry ultrasound image above, and see if you would have been able to say with certainty that the baby was a boy or a girl. Plus, according to Dr. Lisa Masterson and other experts, like the ones at Parents Magazine, results can be wrong more often than you might think, thanks to factors like a baby’s position in the womb, gestational fluid, and the timing of the ultrasound.

All in all, though, this surprise turned out well for the Williams family, who now have a beautiful baby boy, a fun story to tell, and some fantastic reactions from their surprised family! Check out how baby Bentley’s grandmothers, aunts, and other family members reacted in the video below. One Grandma didn’t find out until she went to change the diaper, and her reaction is priceless!

Do you know anybody who has a story like the Williams family? Did you find out your babies’ genders before their births, or did you wait to be surprised? Share your experiences and tell us what you think!