Have you ever noticed how much more difficult it is to travel with kids? If you have children, you probably answered “yes.” Even little babies require so much luggage. Diapers, burp clothes, bottles. The list goes on and on.

Of course, that’s just the packing list. Another reason that it can be difficult to travel with children is that they get restless. We try to plan ahead with snacks and fun activities, but little ones don’t like to sit still for long.

When flying with a baby, it can be especially stressful for parents. We’ve even seen one example where a mom handed out earplugs to every single passenger on the plane just in case her baby cried during the flight. That’s definitely above and beyond and shows just how much that mom must have worried her baby would cry. In the end, her baby never did cry though. Lucky her.

Then there’s the mom who somehow forgot her baby at the airport. The plane had to turn around and go back. We can’t imagine how this could happen or how stressful it must have been for everyone involved.

Another mom, Savannah Blum, was sitting in her seat on a Southwest Airlines flight with her daughter, Brittan. No, she didn’t forget her daughter at the airport, and no, she didn’t hand out earplugs to the passengers. However, the plane hadn’t even left the ground yet, and baby Brittan already started to cry.

We’d probably feel pretty stressed at that point, bracing ourselves for the next few hours and saying silent prayers that she’d calm down and maybe even take a nap.

A flight attendant on board the plane was certainly an answer to prayer. She knew exactly how to get the baby girl to calm down.

The flight attendant asked Brittan’s mom if it was okay if Brittan assisted her with some of her pre-flight duties. When mom agreed, the flight attendant held Brittan with one arm while closing luggage compartments with the other. Brittan was a pro at greeting passengers. She even blew kisses.

Watch this super sweet scene, recorded by Brittan’s mom, in the video below.

We can’t help but wonder if this flight attendant has done this before. She certainly found an effective way to calm Brittan down while still getting her job done. Sounds like a super mom to us. She must have kids of her own.

We also can’t help but wonder what the other passengers thought when they saw a flight attendant carrying a baby down the aisle of the airplane. We’d probably be a bit surprised.

We don’t have to wonder what Brittan’s mom thought. She must have been very relieved. Even if Brittan got fussy and cried later during the flight, she already had a flight attendant in her corner, and, as a passenger, it’d be pretty hard to be upset with a fussy baby after she greeted you and blew you a kiss.