Watch What This Baby Does When Her Dad Snaps

This new mom and dad are living in every parents dream: they have a baby who obeys on command. In this case, the command is falling asleep at the snap of dads’ fingers. No joke. This sleepy dad has his newborn daughter laying on his chest, looking like he desperately needs sleep. With a snap of his fingers, his baby girl lays her head right now, like magic.

No parent out there can say that this doesn’t sound like a dream come true.

Every time, without fail, this baby lays her head right down onto her dad’s with every snap. Well, almost every time. Once, maybe the third or fourth time, the baby keeps her head up upon hearing the snap. Her parents laugh about her “defying” but we think she was just distracted by the camera in front of her; she can’t seem to look away from it with her big, beautiful blue eyes!

To be fair, this baby doesn’t ACTUALLY fall asleep with each snap. (That would be just a little too good to be true, wouldn’t it?) She just lays her head down. However, this is still a pretty impressive hypnotism act! The fact that this baby can perform a command on cue – no matter what it is – is incredibly cool!

We think it bodes well for this parents as their daughter grows up. First is laying her head down, maybe next is being potty trained, or ACTUALLY falling asleep.

The little baby seems to like the act as much as her parents do! Each time she lays her head down, she springs right back up, staring at her dad as if she’s waiting for the next command. You can tell the two are close, even at her young age. They even have the same eyes, which make this extra cute!

Mom behind the camera can’t stop giggling and definitely see why; this video isn’t just cute, it’s the stuff of America’s Funniest Home Video. Appropriately enough, the pair sent the video into the home video show! We’re not sure how well the video did, but we hope it did well. It’s definitely more adorable (and more impressive) than most of the AFV videos.

Seriously, how many babies can obey on command? This child deserves a prize, needless to say.

Dad, however, looks like he just wants to go to sleep! It looks like his two favorite ladies may have caught him early in the morning before he’s ready to find his daughter as funny or as adorable as she is. He’s a good sport regardless! We’re glad he was such a good sport, because otherwise we would never have seen this hilarious video!

What do you think of this cute baby? Do you wish your kid was this obedient? Share your thoughts on this funny video in the comments section below.