For the most of us, our childhoods are pretty well-documented by our excited parents. You most likely have video tapes of your first steps or your first words, maybe pictures of your first birthday with one-year-old you covered in cake. And in today’s digital age, it’s even easier to capture all of your babies’ adorable “firsts” and post them all over the internet, if you choose.

Well, this first was one that this family was eager to share.

This little baby is sitting in his high chair, minding his own business, when his family decided to try something: they turned on their camera and put a slice of lemon in front of the baby.

He doesn’t hesitate to take a bite right out of the slice, obviously having no idea what the citrus would taste like. And his initial reaction is exactly what you think it would be — confused and wincing! The baby immediately swats the slice away, a look of puckered disgust on his face, and his family gets a good chuckle out of his first experience with this sour fruit.

Ironically enough, this baby’s name is Lennon. So this was Lennon’s first lemon!

But, in an unexpected turn of events, Lennon doesn’t dislike lemon as much as his family thought he would! After initially pushing the slice away, he tugs it back towards him for another bite, after which he makes another funny, sour face.

Lennon’s mom offers him the lemon again, asking if he wants another bite — and he does! The baby goes for a third bite and has by far his best and biggest reaction yet, banging his little hand on his tray table as his face hilariously contorts from the sour taste.

But, despite his response, Lennon seems to genuinely like this new citrus. We wouldn’t be surprised if the curious baby went in for another bite after the family video ends!

What do you think of this video? Did Lennon’s reaction give you a chuckle? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Video Credit: Newsflare/Rcarter2690