Watch What This Baby Does Every Time She Sees a Phone! So Funny!

In this day and age of the selfie, we’re used to seeing people pose in front of cell phones. The most famous selfie pose to date? The infamous “duck face.” And while we can all know the “duck face” (and can easily make fun of the signature selfie pout on cue) the last person you would expect to recognize the “duck face” is someone who’s not old enough to grasp the idea of a selfie. Primarily, a baby. Not the case! When this little girl is brought face-to-face with a cell phone, she knows exactly what to do. Watch the video below to see her hilarious reaction to the camera.

We have a future Instagram star on our hands, people.

The transition from cute, unwitting baby to instant selfie master is so quick! He holds the camera up and – boom! She poses. Unbelievably cute.

This does, however, make me a little wary for the next generation…apparently play time will involved “How to Take the Perfect Selfie” tutorials. Taught, no doubt, by this adorable little girl.