Unless you’re indoors or in a car, when a storm hits, you look for a place to wait it out. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to tell when one is brewing. Just like animals.

If you’ve ever wondered where wild animals dash off to when thunder starts to boom, this story has one possible answer. A licensed wildlife rehabber and Imgur user that goes by the moniker Amscolie has been working with orphaned and injured animals for over a decade.

In that time, she’s helped squirrels, skunks, birds, raccoons, deer, and more get a second chance at life. She and others like her often form short (and long) term relationships with these creatures who feel safe and trustful of their caregivers.

Amscolie has plenty of stories to share about the animals she’s worked with, but one that’s making the rounds has to do with a set of fawns. Yep, that means to cue the cuteness meter!

Knowing that a storm was rolling in, Amscolie went outside to check on her brood of animals. Some alarms went off when she couldn’t locate three little fawns that were current residents on her property. When she went back into her house, she was surprised to discover the siblings were balled up together near a wall in her living room.

Phew! Amscolie realized that she left her back door open, and they finagled their way in once they sensed the change in weather. She explained to the cuties that since the storm was going to be an awful one, they were welcome to sleep inside that night. Of course they took her up on that offer!

Image of baby deer.Amscolie via Imgur

Like many creatures, deer are intelligent. They are known to increase their activity right before drastic shifts in weather, often bingeing on food before seeking shelter. Once they detect a storm is coming, they tend to move short distances but like to hole up together to take cover.
Fawns are particularly vulnerable to severe weather changes including flooding, snow, and ice. Unfavorable outdoor conditions can also make them easy targets for predators or hunters. Weather instincts sometimes save their lives.
These babies were smart enough to seek a warm place to ride out the storm, with a human they had a bond with no less. What’s even cuter is that Amscolie’s pet pooches are also good buddies with the deer family. Wonder what their convos are about!
If you’re tempted to shelter fawns like this during bad weather, pump the breaks. In most states, it’s illegal to house a wild animal regardless of its health if you are unlicensed. Instead, you can help by contacting your local humane society or animal control office to locate a wildlife rehabilitation specialist in your area.
Thanks to the great work of wildlife helpers like Amscolie, animals who are hurt, abandoned, or orphaned get a shot at survival. Once they’re on their feet, they get released back into the forest in good health.

What do you think of Amscolie’s furry friends? Have you ever helped an animal in need?