Having a rough day? Then you need a dancing baby in your life. When her mom turns up the music, this 17-month-old little girl knows there’s only one thing to do — and her moves are totally impressive! Watch what she can do in this video from Rumble Viral and get inspired to “dance it out” yourself!

When the video starts, a catchy dance beat has just been turned on in the background. A woman in a red dress (presumably mom) is seen in the back of the frame, bopping to the beat of the music. Watching her intently is the most adorable little baby, who’s wearing nothing but a diaper and using the nearby couch for support.

Immediately, the baby’s feet are going in time with the music, almost as if they’re keeping the beat all on their own! The baby breaks away from the couch and wiggles (no exaggeration when we say “wiggles”) towards the camera. For being just 17 months old, this baby has some pretty amazing moves; he or she obviously has a sense of rhythm which they were born with. They just innately know how to move and they’re not afraid to show it.

When the baby falters for a second, all they have to do is look back at mom. She’s still dancing to the music in the background and when her baby looks back in confusion, she helps by snapping out the time. That’s all this little kid needs to hear to get right back on the beat!

As the music builds, the baby walks back to their mother. The two take hands and dance together for an adorable moment before the baby does something absolutely hilarious. The child breaks away from their parent, does kind of a sideways moonwalk, then spins around and dances right at the camera again!

We’re completely torn between side-splitting laughter and being seriously impressed by the moves this kid has! He or she is really getting into it as the beat drops, using their arms and legs to dance their way across the floor. And whenever they need a little assistance, they need only to look back at mom, who’s still dancing along in the background.

At the very end of the video, though, despite mom’s bopping, the baby seems to have lost interest in the dance! Instead, the little girl or boy wanders off to open up what looks like a box of toys, putting an end to a very enjoyable dance session.

Does this kid have a future in show business or what?! If they can move like that THIS young, we know they’re going to make one amazing dancer someday.

What did you think of this baby’s dance moves? Did it brighten your day? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.