New Mom Reaches Out for Advice After In-Laws Gift Her Baby Clothes With Offensive Sayings

Having a baby means a lot of things—less sleep, more love, and of course, all the gifts!

While you know that you should be grateful for anything family and friends are willing to get you to help you support the new little nugget, one new mom couldn’t help but feel a little upset with something she got from her in-laws.

The woman took to Reddit to ask whether she was being the brat—or was it actually not okay what her in-laws gifted her?

She prefaces the question by explaining a bit of background about herself, her husband, and his family. “I am a new mom of a one-month-old. He is me and my husband’s first baby and the first grandbaby on my husband’s side,’ she writes. “We are from America and grew up in the deep south and are his family is very Southern.”

She goes on to explain that her humor and style isn’t quite the same as her “very Southern” in-laws. She received a bunch of onesies from them, most of them she doesn’t want her new son to wear.

Some examples of the sayings on the onesies, include: “Proof my Daddy Doesn’t shoot blanks” (with a picture of a gun), “I was just supposed to be a backrub!”, “Little sh*t making big sh*ts!”, “Dad’s a real mother f’er!”, “Dads, Lock up your daughters,” and “Boobie Inspector.”


She asked the Reddit world if these are funny to some because she thought they seemed pretty inappropriate for a newborn to be sporting.

“I find comments on my sex life with my husband to be weird,” she said. “Also, I don’t want my baby wearing curse words.”

She also acknowledged that she appreciates her in-laws buying her son clothes, but just feels bad knowing that he won’t be wearing them. That said, she wondered if she should return them so they can get their money back, or just put them away and hope that they never notice her son not wearing them.

The people of Reddit mostly agreed with the poster that the onesies were inappropriate for a baby, but didn’t think she should give the clothes back (which some deemed “tacky”). Some suggested just never speaking of them again or even donating them to others who could use them.

Do you find this type of humor funny for baby onesies? What would you have done if you found yourself in this situation?