Awesome Hack for “Metal Can” Air Heater for Heating or Cooking

Whether you’re looking for a heating or cooking solution for hunting or camping trips or you just need a “space heater” that uses zero electricity, then you’re going to want to take a look at this awesome hack. With three supplies, you can make an excellent heater that will burn for hours. And as YouTube user desertsun02 notes, these heaters are quiet, smokeless, and they put off a ton of heat.

This might be construed as a survival hack, and it can definitely be that! But we’d like to try and use these in our homes, too. Heating a home during the winter gets extraordinarily expensive, so any measures that we can take to cut that utilities bill down is worth it.

Naturally, you will have to purchase the supplies to make this space heater, but the materials are dirt cheap to buy. And when you consider that you’ll be using no electricity OR gas heat in the process, the small price tag definitely seems worth it.

Best of all, these heaters are extremely easy to make. In four simple steps, probably about a minute in total, you can have any size can heater up and running. The can will burn for hours and just one or two will put off enough heat to warm an entire room.

You might not have to crank the heat at ALL this winter, not if you’re using this brilliant hack!

Looking for a makeshift stove? Put a few of these can contraptions together and put your pot or pan right on top for some quick, free cooking. Simple as that.

When it comes time to put out your flame, all you have to do is put the metal lid on the can! You can even blow the flame out, like a giant candle. Whichever method is effective, but be careful around the metal body of the can; the heater becomes very hot and the only safe place to touch it while burning is the bottom, which will remain cool.

Make sure to check out the full video below for instructions on how to make your air heaters (or makeshift stoves) out of tin cans, toilet paper rolls and rubbing alcohol. We think you’ll be surprised just how easy these are to make!

What do you think of this DIY air heater? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.