It can be hard on military families when a family member is deployed and away for long periods of time. Sometimes, the deployed person even misses milestones like the birth of his children or a family member’s wedding. No matter what the circumstances, everybody always looks forward to the homecoming.

Sometimes the deployed person decides to make the return home a surprise. For example, we’ve seen teens burst into tears when they’re reunited with their dad for the first time. Sometimes the deployed person gets a little help from other family members to make the surprise extra specialOther times, someone waiting at home decides to do something surprising while the deployed family member is away. 

Lisa Beal is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and she’s an Army wife. She’s married to Sergeant Terrance Beal. When her husband was deployed overseas for 6 months, she took it as an opportunity to do something to completely surprise her hubby.

Lisa told her hubby that she had put on weight while he was away, but she had actually done the exact opposite. She didn’t just lose a little weight either. She dropped more than 50 pounds.

Transforming her size was just the beginning. Lisa wanted to give her hubby the biggest surprise possible when he got home, so she turned to the Rachael Ray Show for help with a complete makeover.

One of the people who helped with Lisa’s makeover was Miss U.S.A., Deshauna Barber. Barber was uniquely skilled at helping with the makeover since she could relate to military life. Barber is a U.S. Army Reserves Captain.

The team of stylists transformed Lisa from head to toe. They picked a flattering dress, cut her hair, and made her look practically like a different person.

When Lisa walked out on the stage after her makeover, the audience cheered in approval. Rachael Ray wanted to know if Lisa felt comfortable in her new clothes, but Lisa was more interested in seeing her new look for the first time. Rachael excitedly told the audience, “I forgot to tell you; she has not seen herself!”

That’s right. Lisa hadn’t even looked in the mirror yet. She turned around and saw her reflection for the first time just moments before being reunited with her hubby. He immediately embraced her as he took in her new look.

Watch the video below to see Lisa’s transformation and her hubby’s reaction.

What do you think of Lisa’s new look? Have you ever had a makeover this drastic before?