Ariana Grande Got a New Tattoo, But It Doesn’t Mean What She Thought It Meant

You know how people joke about getting tattooed in a foreign language without knowing what it truly says? Such scenarios really do happen, and it just happened to Ariana Grande.

The pop singer got a new tatt to celebrate the release of her latest single, “7 Rings,” with the song’s title inked in Japanese Kanji characters. After posting a photo of her palm design on her Japanese Twitter account, Grande soon found out the true meaning of those Kanji symbols.

Instead of saying “7 Rings,” the tattoo says small cooking grill, specifically one used for barbecue. Japanese fans were quick to point out the mistake, prompting Grande to delete the photos from the account and from Instagram.

According to the site Kotaku, the symbols she got represent the following: 七 means “seven,” and 輪 means “ring,” “circle,” or “wheel.” When written separately they translate to “seven rings” but when combined the meaning is “shichirin,” a small charcoal grill.

Grande laughed off the mishap and stated that the tattoo was too painful to endure the entire correct spelling of “7 Rings” in Kanji and that she likes tiny BBQ grills. The upside? In the music video for the song, the Kanji is correct!

Have you ever gotten a misspelled tattoo (in another language)? What do you think of the singer’s mistake?