You bought a beautiful dresser from the antique store that you can’t wait to display in your home. One little problem? The drawers are so difficult to open and close you can’t even use the dresser. Unfortunately, that happens quite a bit with older, antiqued pieces of furniture. Instead of shoving your find in the garage, try this little trick to get the drawers flowing effortlessly! Then you can use your antique dresser as a working piece in your home. Watch the video below to find out how.

The one thing you need to fix your tricky drawers? Wax! And that means any kind of wax.

Go for a candle or a bar of soap – something you can grab a hold of and maneuver easily. Something with a wider girth will also help cover more of the drawer area.

Then take your wax anything and rub it back and forth under the track where the drawer slides in. This will loosen up track and let the drawers slide effortlessly in and out without a struggle. Think of it as a much less messy oil! You’re oiling up your drawers for smooth traction.

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