Anti-Vaxx Mom Asks for Advice on Protecting Her Unvaccinated 3-Year-Old from Measles Outbreak and Social Media Had a Field Day

In light of the measles outbreak in the northwestern part of the United States, many people want to know how to protect themselves from getting infected. One mom got more than she bargained for when she posted a question to a Facebook group that is pro natural health but anti-vaccinations.

For reasons that are unclear, her 3-year-old is unvaccinated and she asked for tips on how to keep her child protected during the outbreak. Social media got wind of it and launched an all-out assault. There was no shortage of opinions on what she should do, including telling her child goodbye.

Comments included:

Although the majority of the 43 measles cases are concentrated in Washington state, officials have also reported patients in Portland, Oregon. The CDC has been tracking the infections and reminds people that the disease is highly contagious and preventable with vaccinations.

Measles can stay airborne for up to two hours therefore if you believe you have been exposed, visit a doctor. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, and rash that starts at the head and spreads. The CDC also shared that you can be vaccinated within 72 hours of exposure to lessen the effects of the infection.

As far as this mom is concerned, she may want to seek medical advice from a different source rather than this Facebook group.

Do you get involved in vaccination-related debates? What do you think of this mom’s post?