Animal Lover Uses Old Tires to Create Thousands of Beds for Stray Dogs and Cats

Every once in a while, we come across an original idea that is so cool that we just have to share it with you. What we love most about the one that we are featuring today is that it’s a) simple, b) environmentally friendly, and c) a godsend to animals everywhere. Seriously, do inventions get any better than that? We think not!

Most of you might not be able to understand the Portuguese written in the caption above (we know we can’t!), but the picture is all that matters. It was taken by artist, inventor, and entrepreneur, Amarildo Silva Filho. Filho hails from Brazil and not too long ago, the 23-year-old was just barely getting by, working at a grocery store and creating as much art as possible in his free time. It was a disappointing time…until he had a seriously enviable ‘aha moment’.

One day, Filho was walking through his neighborhood, a place that is, unfortunately, a dumping ground for discarded items, when he came up with a great idea. As he was passing a huge pile of abandoned used tires, he realized that he could upcycle them into something that could both help the environment, as well as the many stray animals of Brazil.

Filho took these tires and transformed them into what you see above, cushy, colorful dog beds that are designed to keep stray animals warm and comfortable. The artist made a few prototypes and ended up falling in love with the creation. Apparently, the entire process only takes about 40 minutes to complete. Once he secures a used tire, he washes it thoroughly, cuts it into his desired shape, then adds color and upholstery to the item. Sounds like a fun project!

As it turns out, though, he’s not the only one who is digging these colorful, environmentally-friendly beds: animal-lovers the world over are ordering them to place into their own homes. So far, Filho has made over 6,000 of these creations–and the orders continue to roll in. Amazingly, this young artist has been able to lift himself up and live his dream, while at the same time, doing something that’s great for both the environment and the needy animals of this world.

To purchase one of these awesome beds for yourself–or simply donate to the cause–you can visit Filho’s Facebook page, Cãominhas Pets.

And, to see how the artist selects the tires–and to see some seriously adorable kitties and doggies enjoy his creations–be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these unique animal beds! Do you think this is a clever idea? Have you ever made something similar before? What is your favorite upcycled material to work with?