Angry Millionairess Confronts Couple During Baby’s Birthday Photo Shoot on Neighborhood Sidewalk and It Gets Ugly

We can probably all agree that babies are pretty cute, and especially when they’re your own babies, you want to bottle up the cuteness and hold onto it forever. While we can’t really do that, we can capture the moment with photography.

We know parents who have invested in professional cameras and taken a photography class or two in order to help them capture the perfect images of their children. Other parents use their smartphones to snap impressive shots, using filters to smooth out any imperfections.

No matter what camera you’re using, it helps to have the right backdrop and props. Nature is always a good idea. Photos at parks and beaches tend to be gorgeous, especially when a baby or child is the focal point.

Kelyn and Isaiah wanted to get the perfect photo of their daughter for her 1st birthday. They chose not to high a photographer, but rather, they’d take the pictures themselves. They put their little girl in an adorable dress and packed the car with a couple props – a pink blanket and a bouquet of balloons, including one balloon in the shape of the number 1.

In order to make the photos perfect, they needed the right location. They chose to go to a walking trail in the Broadacres area in Houston. This is an upscale neighborhood that is so picturesque that professional photographers often use it for photo shoots.

The parents set up the pink blanket on part of the walking trail. Their daughter stood in the middle holding the balloons. Everything was literally picture perfect. They started taking pictures.

Then, in the middle of their photo shoot, an irate lady stopped her car and angrily pulled the pink blanket off the walkway, complaining that the photoshoot was blocking the path.

Isaiah was already holding his phone since he had been taking pictures, so he switched it over to video mode and caught the lady’s tantrum on camera. His daughter can be heard crying in the background. The angry lady hit Isaiah’s phone, knocking it out of his hands.

The angry woman in the video has since been identified as millionaire socialite Franci Neely. Watch the video below to see Neely’s confrontation with the happy family and to hear how Neely is defending her side of the story.

Do you think Neely overreacted to the photoshoot? Do you think photographers should be allowed to take pictures in picturesque areas like Broadacres?