Amy Schumer is known for keeping it real—whether it’s through her comedy or motherhood. And lately, she’s really been focusing on the latter, especially after giving birth to her baby boy Gene in May.

Amy has been killing it with her honest photos displaying momhood on Instagram—from the photo she posted of her looking more than tired, praising women for he powerful beings they are, to the photo of her pumping. She’s certainly knows how to relate to her mom followers!

She’s been extremely open with her struggles of pregnancy and childbirth. For example, we learned that she had to deal with hyperemesis, a rare pregnancy complication that is causes nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and feeling faint.

In her most recent post, she showed one of the realest moments of them all. She added two photos to one Instagram post. The first was her in a straight up bra and underwear outside in a field with her baby in a stroller. The second was her cuddling with the baby in similar underwear. Her caption says it all: “5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!”


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5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!

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Most people really respected her openness and realism about what having a newborn is like. They felt like it was a nice change of pace from what we usually see on Instagram—you know, the moms with a face full of makeup, dressed to impress, and their baby never seems to make a peep.

“Thanks for being so raw and vulnerable about the realities of post partum life. There is so much pressure placed on new moms to ‘bounce back’ and it’s not real life. You’re doing amazing and you’re amazing and those hospital undies are COMFYYYY,” someone wrote.

But then of course, there were the haters that left comments shaming her for the “inappropriate” photos she was posting.

“I’m sorry but I think your taking this whole “natural” thing to an extreme… brush your hair and put some decent clothing on.. child birth is a great thing but you don’t have to let yourself go in return,” someone posted.

“Motherhood is a well deserved gift. Put some decent clothes on and grow up. Don’t get your point. Far from looking like a glowing mother. Self respect gone to the dogs,” someone else commented.


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I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding.#csection #balmain

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Rude, right? Don’t worry, in true Amy Schumer fashion, the comedian clapped back in the best way at all of the people making negative comments.

“I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding. #csection #balmain,” she posted with photos of herself out for a walk and then once again showing her underwear and C-section scar.

She also posted the photos on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “I want to apologize to anyone I offended with my hospital underwear post…Major apologies from me and my C!!”

What do you think of the photos Amy has been posting about mom-of-a-newborn life? Do you relate to them or do you think they’re too much? We’d love to hear your opinion on this!