“American Idol” Announces Winner — and Ends With an Adorable Twist

Who here has been watching the most recent reboot of the uber-popular American Idol? Hey, we have, too! While it may have been a season fraught with poor fans reviews and awkward moments–remember when judge Katy Perry talked that poor contestant into a kiss that he ended up hating?— we think the show still has a lot to offer in the way of spectacular singing and compelling entertainment.

Earlier this week, the season, unfortunately, came to a close and we learned who America voted in as its newest American Idol. Interestingly, it seems that country fans dominated the polls because the last two singers standing on the night of the finale were Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Pope, the two Nashville-inspired crooners in the competition.

19-year-old Hutchinson hails from Dallas, Georgia and 20-year-old Poppe is from Iowa, a Southerner and a Midwesterner who, apparently, have a heck of a lot more in common than taste in music– they also happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Although die-hard fans of the tv show had spent the last several weeks speculating on the status of their relationship– it was a classic “are they?” or “aren’t they?”, it wasn’t until the night of the show’s finale that they made the proclamation publicly.

As the two blond-haired cuties stood on the stage in front of the entire country, host Ryan Seacrest asked Hutchins what it felt like singing the finalists’ duet with Poppe.

“Maddie’s, like, my best pal, and I’ve known her since the beginning of Hollywood Week,” Hutchinson said. “You know, she actually happens to be my girlfriend,” the teen added.

Ok, are your cheeks red right now? Because ours are! As a matter of fact, everyone in the audience and those watching at home probably had the same reaction. Heck, even seasoned host Ryan Seacrest seemed particularly touched by the incredibly sweet declaration.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, then you already know that the future country princess that is Maddie Poppe ended up winning the entire competition, a fact that didn’t seem to bother her boyfriend and fellow singer, Hutchinson. In fact, when the announcement came that she was the one who would be crowned this season’s new American Idol, the sweet guy gave her a huge hug of support.

Later that night, Hutchins took to Twitter to tweet this sweet nugget:

MY GIRLFRIEND WON AMERICAN IDOL!!! No one deserved it more than you babe. I am honored to know you and even more honored to call you mine. Don’t forget about me. I love you <3

Yep, doesn’t get much sweeter than that, folks!

But…wait, actually, it does! You see, before announcing the winner, Seacrest revealed that he had more in store for the lovebirds. Can you guess what it is??

To find out how Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson will be celebrating their American Idol successes, be sure to watch the video below. Something tells us that these two will be successful in their music careers–and their love lives, too!

We’d love to hear your take on this American Idol romance. Are you surprised to hear that these two have gotten into a relationship? Do you think Poppe is a worthy winner? Who was your favorite contestant from this season?