8 Amazing Hacks You Need for This Summer

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. And though we may be mentally prepared for the warm season, let’s make sure we’re also physically prepared. Check out 8 hacks that we think you’ll need to make this summer a great one!

Keep Sand off Your Beach Blanket


Hate when you get sand all over everything at the beach? Just bring along an old fitted sheet to the beach to keep sand off of your blanket.

Enjoy Yummy Iced Coffee at Home


Instead of heading out to the coffee shop for your iced coffee fix, just fill an ice cube tray with the fixings need to make the best cup at home. You can freeze leftover coffee to create un-watered-down iced coffee. You can also freeze your favorite coffee add-ins, like milk, creamer or any other kind of flavor shot.

No-Fuss Blender Cleaning


Love smoothies in the summer but hate having to clean that blender every time? Use this simple water, lemon and dish soap trick to easily clean your blender.

Save a Wet Cell Phone


Did your cell phone get wet while you were chilling by the pool or on a beach trip? Hope is not lost! All you need is a bowl of uncooked rice.

Fix a Flip Flop in a Pinch


Use a bread tag to keep your flip flops from coming apart this summer.

Hide Your Valuables


When you’re at the beach, it can be tough to keep your valuables in an unsuspecting place. Try cleaning out an old chapstick tube or a bottle of sunblock and sticking any cash or valuables in there.

Free Speakers for Your Phone


If you’re having a cookout and want to pump the music up, you don’t necessarily need speakers. Just put your phone in a cup or bowl to amplify the sound.

Make Your Own Beach Tote


Use an old beach towel to make a tote for all of your stuff when you’re beach-bound.

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