You don’t have to be a diehard fan of dance to be mesmerized by certain performances. With the amount of TV shows catering solely to dance competitions, we’re constantly being entertained. But what about those performances that don’t fit into a specific category?

Some routines are so unconventional you can’t take your eyes off of them, and others will make you wish you could do them too. A different kind of dance act hit the audition stage for Britain’s Got Talent, bringing an imaginative set of choreography to the talent show.

Another Kind of Blue opened their act with moves that would lead you to believe this would be an ordinary conversation through dance. A man and woman doing their story through dance thing. An ordinary conversation it was not. Dancers Violet Broersma and Nino Milazzo made it extraordinary.

A fireplace was lit on a screen in the background, and soon a dinner scene takes over the space. Sure, it’s common to see backgrounds, backdrops, and props on a set, but not like these. Realistic looking computer graphics were in sync with each dancer’s movements, including a tugged rug and shifted curtain.

Nino’s dance acrobatics on a ladder and then a swinging lamp were only a taste of what was to come. How’d he do that? In tune with the song’s emotion was an explosive point between the couple. Nino pounded the table and a glass of wine flew – in slow motion – through the air. All of a sudden, it changed.

Image of man dancing.Britain's Got Talent

Your mouth will be slightly ajar like Simon’s as you watch this visual story unfold in the video. Like two lovers in limbo, the dancers began to fall through a scene of clouds. They fell onto giant hands, they fell into each other’s arms, and then were saved by hitching a ride on a bird. If none of this makes sense, watch it with your own eyes.

Your eyes will be locked while watching this impressive audition, trying to take everything in. The visually stunning piece earned the team a standing ovation from the judges and audience, and even Simon stood up. Another Kind of Blue went to the semi-finals but alas, they did not win the competition. The dancers’ talents continue to be combined with multimedia technology as they tour around Europe.

Called ‘Blue Technology’, performances feature a blend of animation, choreography, and screen projections. To make it all work, the dancers perform parts of their routine on the floor, and it looks like they are living within the scenes. By itself, the music and steps were already beautiful, but the tech here really added another level of innovation that is typically seen in music videos.

It’s amazing to see how technological advances helped to shape this dance act. And to think it only took a small team to make this happen. Did you enjoy watching this creative performance? Have you ever seen a dance routine like Another Kind of Blue’s before? Tell us in the comments!