Brownie Bowls are so easy and fun to make. Little kids will love them and big kids too. They’re my new favorite way to have a bowl of ice cream. Check out the video below to see how easy they are to make:

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What You’ll Need

– Your Favorite Brownie Mix
– 2 muffin tins


– Whip up a batch of your favorite brownie mix. Follow the baking instructions for heat and time on the box.
– Spray a muffin tin
– Fill the cups up half way
– Grab another muffin tin and spray the bottom
– Put the empty muffin tin over the one with the brownie mix and squeeze down until there is a half inch gap.

Don’t worry if brownie mix spills over the side a bit, it happens. They don’t always come out of the tin looking amazing. You might need to trim away some of the excess brownie that spills over the top. But after cooling they hold the ice cream really well and are fun to eat at the end.