Always supportive of using conventional objects in unconventional ways, we are putting aluminum foil in the spotlight today. Most of us have it on hand for cooking and wrapping up leftover food, but did you know this kitchen staple could do more?

When you take it outside of its role with food, foil can handle a bevy of tasks around the home. Aluminum can save you time and it can definitely save you money as it works as a substitute for other tools.

In this short but sweet video from The Savings Experiment series, you’ll learn four different ways to put aluminum to work. You won’t believe what you can do with an iron!

As you sit and prepare yourself for experimenting with these uses on your own, don’t forget that foil can be sharp around the edges and can zap you with painful cuts if you’re not careful. Other than that, have at it with your chores! Here are three clever ideas for using foil for DIY tasks:

  1. Chrome Polisher

    When buildup collects on chrome surfaces, you can scrub it away with some crumpled tin foil. Ball it up and dip it into some water, and then gently buff the affected area. Once you see some shine, you can wipe away any debris with a clean cloth.

    This method also works well on rusty chrome found on bikes and cars but be sure to switch out a worn piece of foil for a new one when tackling heavy jobs. Oh, and rumor has it that foil dipped in Coca Cola makes a killer chrome cleaning combo.

  2. Scissor Sharpener

    How often does it cross your mind to sharpen your shears? Probably not often enough! Well, change that habit by bringing those dull blades back to life with a quick aluminum foil clipping. Watch our host as she demonstrates how to do it.

  3. Iron Enhancer

    If you are looking to save time when ironing, then you’ll be interested in this piece of foil sorcery. You will need to line the ironing board with a long piece of aluminum foil by placing it underneath the cloth covering. Make sure the shiny side is facing up!

    Replace the cover and iron your garment as usual. The heat from the iron gets reflected back to the underside of your clothing, creating the effect of both sides being ironed simultaneously. What?! You are essentially eliminating the need to flip your item over and cutting down your ironing time.

Hit the play icon on below to hear about more uses for foil. It is a good thing that you can buy it in various sizes so that you can accommodate all these projects.

While you can stockpile the stuff to keep on hand for housework, take the host’s advice and repurpose your used, crinkled sheets for other jobs. And when you’re finished with a used (but clean) piece, scrunch it up and toss it into the clothes dryer.

Are you already an aluminum foil home scientist? How do you use it for household chores? Which of these tips will you try out?