How to Steam Food with This Aluminum Foil Hack

Sometimes you get hit with a craving that you can’t ignore, and if you’re anything like me, it most likely haunts your dreams until you finally indulge. But when it’s something you can’t just easily whip up and you’re trying to cut back on your hefty takeout bill, that means it’s time to get creative.

A good example is when you’re in the mood for any and all things steamed; dumplings, fish, veggies, ect. To really get that freshly steamed flavor, the best kitchen tool to whip out is your bamboo steamer.

What’s that? You don’t OWN a bamboo steamer? Well, you aren’t alone, this isn’t the most popular appliance to casually have lying around your kitchen. But just because you’re short a steamer doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of your craving. All you need to create a makeshift steamer is aluminum foil and a deep skillet.

Start by placing your large, deep skillet on your stove; the heat it’s over will depend on the dish you’re steaming. Then it’s as simple as tearing off a few rolls of aluminum foil, crushing them into balls, and tossing them into your skillet.

There is a tad more to creating your DIY steamer, but you’ll have to watch the Food & Wine video below! Besides getting full instructions on this brilliant kitchen hack, this video will also show you a quick way to season fish that’s about to be steamed. And let us just say, it looks amazing.

Don’t worry about things getting complicated from here, the rest of the instructions only require a heat-proof plate and a little water! Aluminum foil works great as a non-flammable support system for said plate, and allows the water underneath to come to a boil so that the rising heat will steam whatever is being cooked.

This is such a simple hack and it produces seriously amazing results, no matter what you’re trying to steam! You can forget spending all that money on buying the steamed dish at your favorite restaurant, there’s no need to drop cash on a fancy steamer, and you don’t have to deprive yourself when you’re having that kind of craving.

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