Fooling with random objects around the house can sometimes lead to resourceful results. You might even save some items meant for the landfill or recycling bin. One example? Aluminum soda (or beer) cans.

It’s easy to explore the internet and find aluminum cans that have been repurposed into artsy projects. They run the gamut from Christmas ornaments to jewelry. But what about function? Here to share ten interesting uses for empty soda cans is Household Hacker.

We’ll share five of their nifty tricks down below, but click on the video to learn more about what you can do with that pile of empty cans.

  1. Door Stop

    Need to jam a door open? Pour some sand or gravel (note the colorful aquarium variety) into an empty can and use it to prop a door open. This trick can be used as a temporary or permanent solution, but make sure a helpful person doesn’t decide to clean up after you and move your can stoppers.

  2. Cooking Grease Receptacle

    Some folks use mason jars while others use tin cans, and the fancy among you buy actual grease catchers made for the job. Fill up a soda can with that stuff and call it a day. When you’re done, just get another empty one!

  3. Marker/Pen Holder

    In the same vein as the grease collector, you can cut off the top inner part of the can to create an opening. Stick pens, pencils, or markers in it. Household Hacker suggests using a utility knife or can opener for cutting. When using a can opener, line up the blade on the inner lip of the can and the ridged part on the outer lip. Turn it slowly for a clean cut.

  4. Planters

    spray painted cansHousehold Hacker

    Save a group of cans to make cute herb planters or seedling starters. Household Hacker spray-painted theirs, but you can also use decorative duct tape if you want. Setting up a kitchen herb garden or succulent cacti paradise on your window sill is as easy as 1-2-3! Add potting soil before and after placing your plant in the can-tainer.

  5. Gravity Defying Magic Trick

    For the leaning can trick, you want to leave about a corner of drink inside. Think small – about 1/8 of liquid. You may have to play around and pour out liquid or add water until gravity shifts to your side. Balance the can on its bottom edge and wait until the liquid settles, then let go. In the video, the fidget spinner adds a nice touch, but you can do this on a table or countertop too.

Check out the full video to see more of Household Hacker’s dismantling, reshaping, and bending of soda cans. Even if you’re not down with cutting these cans up, it’s hard not to watch what they make of these. There’s even a science experiment!

Choose one of these ways to upcycle and add your own touches to serve your needs. We are also aware that some of you may be aluminum can collectors. Why not make unique sets of planters or pen organizers?

Do you repurpose soda cans in your household? Would you try any of these unconventional ways to use them?