When Dylan from Gute (an Ontario housing business) and his father decided they wanted to started playing around with tiny house designs for their property, they came across a revolutionary design: a Shepard’s hut. Big in the U.K., Dylan and his dad recreated this tiny house on wheels – and they loved it so much, they decided to start building them for other people, too! Watch the video below to see this awesome alternative to a tiny house.

The space essentially consists of an L-shaped living area which has a double bed, a clever folding desk & kitchen table, a small murphy bed for a single person or child, and some storage space for blankets, pillows, cups, plates, etc. There’s also space to mount a TV, as well as hooks on the wall for storing folding chairs out of the way.

It’s especially clever that Dylan and his dad included this sort of “half bump” so that there was more living space inside without increasing the square footage on the outside.

The reason for the specific size is that the huts have to be 108 square feet or less in order to be considered a garden-shed style building in Ontario (which don’t require a building permit). The shepherd huts are completely off-grid with composting toilets, and a hand pump water system. They can accommodate solar panels for power, too!

But our favorite part is the different aesthetics Gute offers. You can go for almost any style you’d imagine – from country, to modern, to retro.

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