Ever imagine life off the grid? Then you’ll go crazy for this wilderness yurt. Never heard of a yurt? Me neither. A yurt is a traditionally Turkish portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a on-the-go home by nomads in Central Asia. While this is quite a rugged way to live, the inside of the yurt is much more modern and comfortable than you might imagine! Check out this yurt, located for now in Gatineau Park, and learn about this alternative to the traditional tiny house.

This yurt is fully equip with a massive wood burning stove, a small cooking area, fully insulated walls, 6 fully functional beds and a main dining area. That’s a lot in one seemingly small tent.

The tiny home is also completely solar powered, which is how the residents charge their phones and battery packs.

My favorite feature is the skylight. Above the perfectly circular room, at the top of what looks almost like a circus tent, is a big, round skylight. This is the yurt’s main source of light (they also have some lanterns, candles and one regular lamp) and looks absolutely beautiful streaming in the natural sunlight.

If you’re the rustic type and have always dreamed of living a non-traditional life off the grid, a yurt may be your perfect solution.