Here Are 13 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Presents Without Wrapping Paper

A big part of the holiday season is gift giving and, of course, gift wrapping. Typically, using wrapping paper is the classic way to get this tedious job done, but it doesn’t have to be! There is a whole wide world of gift wrapping options, some that are extremely creative and out-of-the-box. (Literally.) Here are 13 brilliant ways to up your gift wrapping game and blow away your friends and family.

  1. Paper Gift Bag

    For those hard-to-wrap gifts, regular wrapping paper isn’t going to cut it. You can make these bags out of any paper, including tissue paper, which means that you have a wide variety of colors to chose from! We especially love the accents of the little wings on the sides.

  2. Wrap Homemade Cookies

    Made your famous thumbprint cookies but don’t know how to send them out? A quick and classy trick is to empty out an aluminum foil container, paint it a festive colors, and fill it with parchment paper. Line up your cookies inside for a great way to preserve and present your baked goodies.

  3. Map Wrapping

    Don’t get lost in your wrapping, use a map for a creative alternative to wrapping paper! Personalize the gift even further by creating a customized map online.

  4. Magazine Bow

    Bows are a classic touch for a gift, but we don’t always have them lying around the house. Something we almost always DO have around is old magazines. Cut out the text of a magazine page and make your very own DIY bow for a chic gift topper.

  5. Use Doilies as Gift Tags

    Gift tags are not a requirement but definitely a suggestion for a classy gift. If you don’t have any gift tags on hand, doilies are a great replacement for a name tag. They look very elegant when written on and definitely pull any gift together.

  6. Old T-Shirt Material

    If you have an old t-shirt with a cool pattern (we love plaid for holiday gifts) use this for your gift wrapping instead. All you have to do is measure and cut the material to the right size!

  7. Cereal Gift Box

    If you need to wrap something but you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel, empty cereal boxes actually work very well! Turn them inside out, dismantle them, and use this as a gift box! The blank slate is perfect for writing or drawing on!

  8. Uninflated Balloon Ribbon

    A really creative alternative for ribbons is a bundle of uninflated balloons! This is perfect for a kids gift or just for some with an extra quirky sensibility.

  9. Potato Painting

    How did they pull off those awesome dots? You might be surprised; using a halved potato dipped in paint, you can make a very trendy design on plain butcher’s paper.

  10. Measuring Tape Wrapping

    Old measuring tapes are actually easy to pull apart! Once you remove the measuring portion inside, wrap this around your plain present for a cool touch. This is a especially great for the handy person in your life!

  11. Cupcake Toppers

    Bakers will love this gift topper! Take a few colored cupcake liners and stack them on top of one another for an alternative type of bow.

  12. Word Search Wrapping Paper

    This wrapping paper is actually made online as a general word search, which is very fun for any friend or family member to receive! But you can customize this gift further and make a personalized crossword puzzle for your gift recipient.

  13. Gift Wrap with a Gift

    This trick really only works with one particular kind of gift; a scarf. If you’re gifting a fun patterned scarf, wrap your present inside and tie the top in a knot or bow. This is a really good use of your gift and a great way to save wrapping paper.

What do you think of these beautiful gift wrapping ideas? Do you use anything creative to wrap your gifts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.