Certain parts of the country have issues with wildlife wandering in their backyards or even their homes from time to time. For example, one woman went out to her SUV only to find that it had been destroyed by a bear on a mission to eat gummy bears. In Florida, you might want to watch out for alligators.

David Jacobs rented a vacation home while he was in Florida for a wedding. He was visiting south Florida from Georgia. The home he rented happened to have a lake in the backyard.

Jacobs first noticed an alligator in the backyard of his vacation rental home when the alligator noticed his small dog. We’re assuming he took the dog inside.

Later, though, Jacobs noticed something a lot more unusual. There was an alligator-shaped pool float in the lake, and Jacobs returned to the vacation home to find the alligator on top of this pool float. It was a gator floating on a gator.

Jacobs contacted the owner of the vacation home who contacted a wildlife management company to remove the alligator from the home’s property, but of course, Jacobs had to snap a picture of the gator on the pool float first.

There are many unusual pool floats out there, everything from flamingos to avocados, so it’s quite random that an alligator not only figured out how to get on a pool float but that he happened to get on one that looks like a bigger version of himself.

Some people who saw this picture thought it was a fake. What do you think? Photoshop or the real thing?

The idea of seeing an alligator or a bear in our backyard sounds a little bit frightening. Have you ever seen a wild animal like a bear or a alligator near your home? What would you do if you did?