If you have food allergies, you know how difficult (not to mention expensive) it can be to pull a meal together. The only thing worse is when your kid has a food allergy. Growing children need energy to get them through their days at school, making lunch a crucial part of their day…but if you can’t pack them a regular old PB&J what are you to do? Blogger Keeley McGuire has dedicated herself to making allergy friendly foods fun for her little daughter who can’t eat many “normal” foods. Below, Keeley shares with us 12 simple and delicious allergen-free meals that your kids will love!


  1. Salmon Salad

    Salmon Salad 2Keeley McQuire
  2. Breakfast for Lunch

    Breakfast for LunchKeeley McGuire
  3. Cheese and Crackers

    Cheese and cracksKeeley McGuire
  4. Spinach Salad

    SaladKeeley McGuire
  5. Mini Corndogs

    CorndogsKeeley McGuire
  6. Leftover Spaghetti Sandwich

    SpaghettiKeeley McGuire
  7. Muffin and Fruit

    MuffinLunch EditedKeeley McGuire
  8. Nachos

    NachoLunch EditedKeeley McGuire
  9. Ribbon Salad

    Ribbon-Salad Lunch EditedKeeley McGuire
  10. SunButter and Apple Slices

    SunButter EditedKeeley McGuire
  11. Smiley Fries

    PotatoFries EditedKeeley McGuire
  12. Lasagna Cups

    LasagnaCups EditedKeeley McGuire


Do you have any gluten or allergy free meals you make for your kids? Share those bright ideas in the comments section below.