Among our least favorite things to do, going to the airport – and through security! – and traveling with a large, unruly group rank pretty high in annoyance. One thing that would definitely make both better? Turning them into a giant Irish dance party!

Our friends at Rumble shared this video of Take The Floor’s surprise performance at the Dublin Airport, and we’re so glad they did! Nothing puts you more in the spirit for St. Patrick’s Day than listening to and seeing this upbeat folk music in action.

At the start of the video, we see the airport and many of the people in it are supporting the dance group Take The Floor. There are signs in the airport featuring the dates of the group’s upcoming performances in 2013 and friends with signs in the crowd eagerly awaiting the group.

Finally, we see a few lines of young women come down the airport escalator. It doesn’t take long, between their t-shirts and their brilliant smiles, to guess that they are Take The Floor – and that they have a surprise in store.

As soon as each wave of girls dismounts the escalator, they immediately break into a lively skip. Quickly, they get into formation and before we know it, there are rows and rows of girls dancing in perfect sync! And might we add, they look amazing doing it! Each girl is lively on her feet and wearing a huge grin on her face, and every move is completely spot on with their fellow dance partners.

About a minute or so in, the girls seamlessly melt away and two lines of young men come out from the crowd. These boys are just as impressive as their female counterparts! They take over with their own powerful solo before the ladies come back out the join them for an epic finale to this flash mob.

Our favorite part? When they create this amazing, slanted formation and all move to the side in perfect time with one another. The effect looks incredibly cool from the camera angle! Once the dance is over, the young men and women disperse casually into the crowd to tremendous applause, and in true flash mob fashion, pretend the dancing never happened at all. Incredible!

What did you think of this Irish dance routine? Share your thoughts on this energetic flash mob in the comments section below.