How to Get Extra Room When Flying with Babies and Children While Still Flying Economy

Ready for a super fun game of “Would You Rather?” We thought so! OK, so, would you rather: get a root canal OR take a transcontinental flight with a toddler and a baby?

It’s a tough conundrum—mainly because selecting either option forces you to delve into your masochistic side. Sure, enduring major dental work can be a physically painful experience, but any parent who has flown with young kids knows that the latter usually results in some serious emotional scarring!

Well, lucky for you, the mental anguish that comes with flying with kiddos is actually completely voluntary—at least, in regards to space, that is.

You see, the good folks over at Air New Zealand have launched a feature in their planes that makes “traveling with kids as easy as possible, and fun too.” It’s called Skycouch, and, though it’s a program that has been quietly succeeding for several years now, the child-friendly airline is making big moves to expand it into something even more amazing.

Just check out the above image, for instance. This is the Skycouch Infant Harness, Belt, and Pod, a feature that will be available on all 777 and 778-9 long-haul flights starting in the middle of this year. The harness and belt features allow infants to be safely secured on their backs for sleeping, or on a parent’s lap when sitting up.

Pretty amazing, right? Well, what’s even better is the proposed pod feature, that allows small (0-11 pounds), medium (11-22 pounds), or large (22-39 pounds) infants and toddlers to be safely ensconced in a cushy bassinet that attaches to the window. This gives parents that option to stretch out next to their little ones for a more homey experience.

Groundbreaking features aside, when we first heard about Air New Zealand’s plan, our first thought was: But, how much is this going to COST? We automatically assumed that the service would be similar to a first-class ticket—or possibly even more—but it turns out that Skycouch is actually part of the airline’s Economy program.

Passengers who would like to take part in the service simply need to make the request when they are booking their tickets. Once boarded, flight attendants will go over the Skycouch features and even distribute activities and specialized meals to keep little ones happy.

Now, we know that not everyone flies Air New Zealand—so, don’t feel down if you can’t take advantage of the Skycouch option. Airlines don’t necessarily publicize it, but many of them will provide you with a bassinet if you are flying with an infant. Just be sure to contact the carrier well before your flight, so that they can make arrangements.

With so much negativity towards flying these days, it’s so great to hear that at least one airline is making a substantial investment in the families who travel with them. You go, Air New Zealand!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Skycouch. Would you take advantage of this feature? Have you ever requested a bassinet for a flight? Do you have any tips for making flying with children easier?