Christopher Hopkins consistently outdoes himself with the makeovers he gives women over forty. But this time, I can hardly believe my eyes.

Mary Johnson flew in from Fargo, North Dakota for a visit at the Makeover Guy’s ReVamp salon in Minneapolis. A little anxious but ready, Mary was already familiar with Christopher’s work from watching videos of other women’s makeovers.

She knew she’d be in for something big; the question was how big. She knew she didn’t want blue or purple hair, even though pastels and unicorn tresses are trendy right now. And we don’t blame her. She also knew that she still needed to be presentable for work – especially in court.

So, what did Christopher have up his sleeve? Only the best intentions for this gal. Now, take a good long look at Mary before her makeover. She’s dressed in casual clothing with no makeup. Her hair is grayish with some white in the front, and there’s hardly any curl in it. You can see every single pretty freckle that dots her face. And then poof!

It’s like Christopher waved a magic wand and turned her into someone else. Whoa. She looks amazing! Let’s talk about that hairstyle first. Blonde highlights pop in the front where white streaks used to be, and the rest of her hair is a strawberry blonde shade. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Her complexion has a warm and rosy glow to it, and you can still see a hint of her freckles. But the eyes have it! The smoky eye makeup really accentuates her eyes, making them look brighter. Ringlets of big curls frame Mary’s face, which totally softens her entire look.

Her reaction is the same as ours – pleasantly surprised – but the best part is that she feels incredible. When it comes to a makeover, how a person feels inside carries more weight than what’s going on outside. With Mary, it’s clear that the Makeover Guy struck gold.

An excited Christopher had to step in for a few seconds to adjust her bouncy hair and vampy off-the-shoulder dress. Mary took an extra step to have her wardrobe made over for the day too!

She looks so young that another salon patron pegged her age for 42. Does she look like she’s in her sixties? In case her excited reaction and beautiful new style isn’t enough to make you smile, you’ll have to keep watching the video to see how the Mr. reacts. Yeah, Mary’s husband got a little confused there for a second.

Click below to hear what motivated Mary to come see Christopher for her fab makeover. You won’t be able to stop looking at her before and after pics to compare the result!

We’re not sure if Fargo was ready for her new swag, but Mary and Christopher agree that that’s a good thing. In her interview, she said that she wanted a whole new look, and boy did she get it.

What do you think of this wonderful makeover? Would you do something this major if you had one?