When we were kids, we looked forward to growing up, to being adults. It seemed like it would be so much easier and better when we had the freedom to make our own decisions and be completely independent.


Adulting is not easy, and yes, “adulting” has officially become a word. It’s in the Oxford Dictionary. In case you’re not a Millennial, “adulting” is officially defined as “The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.” Basically, it means doing things that grown ups have to do.

There are many grown up tasks that we don’t enjoy doing. Does anyone really like paying bills or doing their taxes or changing the oil in their car? There are very good reasons that we sometimes choose to hire people to do these tasks for us and why we take advantage of modern features like automatic bill payments.

However, it’s useful to be able to know how to do many practical life skills. Even if you don’t balance a checkbook, it’s not a bad idea to know how to do it. Even if you prefer take-out, it’s good to know how to follow a recipe in case you ever want to host a dinner party or save some money by not eating out so often.

While many people don’t want to “adult,” some seriously just can’t even. Like, they legitimately don’t know how to do things like cook dinner or change a tire or sew on a button.

While it may seem easy to blame Millennials for being irresponsible, some people claim that it’s really their parents that are to blame. Past generations learned practical life skills from their parents or grandparents. If today’s young adults literally can’t adult, maybe no one ever showed them how.

A new trend to solving this whole adulting issue has taken the form of classes in, you guessed it, Adulting. Yes, you can take Adulting 101. The North Bend Public Library in Oregon offers a 6-part class called “Adulting 101: Basic How-Tos for Ages 16–25.”  

While these classes are intended for people 16-25 years old, they’re not strict about the age range. The idea is to help young adults learn basic skills they need to survive as, well, adults. There are cooking classes, finance classes, and classes on when to know it’s time to move out of your parents’ house.

These classes are far from limited to Oregon. There are adulting classes across the country in places like Portland, Maine and in Brooklyn. You can even take adulting classes online.

For more about these Adulting 101 classes, watch the video below.

Would you take an Adulting class? What skills would you want to learn?