These Adorable Twins Are Confusing Strangers

Twinmania is sweeping the internet once again, this time over a pair of outrageously cute little girls named Kalani and Jarani Dean. At just 9 months old, the unique biracial twin sisters from Illinois have become web darlings.

But not so fast! Their mother, Whitney Meyer, wants her girls to be a symbol of love and racial unity. Why? The little pumpkins were born with two entirely different complexions. The fraternal twins are the product of an interracial relationship, with mom Whitney being white, and their father, Tomas, being black.

Baby Jarani takes more after her father with brown skin and eyes. Older twin Kalani has fair skin and blue eyes just like mama. Though the girls’ parents recognize how rare this occurrence is, they’d rather focus on how much they’re loved rather than their differences.

But Whitney and Tomas were definitely taken by surprise. When Whitney delivered the girls in April 2016, she was confused about Kalani’s fair skin tone. In an interview with Today, she said:

“Kalani was as white as can be. I was just in denial, because you know the odds of this? I would never think I would have a black and white twin. That’s why I asked if she was albino, because she was just so white.”

Since fraternal twins develop in the womb separately, the odds of a genetic dice roll are high, as they can come out looking like any one of their parents or siblings. Genetically, it’s anyone’s guess when it comes to these types of twins. These twins are simply biracial with different features.

Hoping to be an example of a blended and racially diverse family, Whitney and Tomas shared their story on social media to show others that racial harmony is real and possible. Whitney’s son Talan from a previous relationship just sees his baby sisters, and lovingly reads to them all the time. Color isn’t a barrier to how he loves and treats either of them – which is equally.

What sets the girls apart the most isn’t their looks. Mom dresses them in matching outfits to make sure they’re twinning, though strangers still get confused about them being related, let alone twins. However, they have distinct personalities that are already shining through. Kalani is more energetic and outgoing while Jarani is laidback. Jarani is also the one who likes to snuggle more.

And those smiles! When you watch the video you’ll see how unmistakably similar their beautiful smiles are, and how close all the siblings are. From the family pictures, you can see there’s love in the home and it’s noble of the parents to not want to characterize their children by color. It doesn’t even matter.

Kalani and Jarani may look a bit different now, but doctors point out that that could change in the future. No matter what, they’ll always be twins and nothing can break that bond! What do you think of these adorable babies and their parents’ message? Have you ever known a pair of fraternal twins like these? Share in the comments!