The subject of adoption can be a rather sticky thing. While many would agree that taking in a total stranger and raising him or her as your own is a noble undertaking, it’s no secret that many prospective parents shy away from the process due to cost, judgement, or plain fear of the unknown.

Now, we are not poo-pooing any family’s choices—there is no “perfect” situation, anyways—but what we are saying is that adoption is an often-overlooked journey that is a POWERFUL one.

That’s why we’re sharing a video with you today that tells the story of just how one special family became whole.

Meet Matt and Katie, a young husband and wife duo who has been waiting to meet their baby for a very long time. For reasons that they do not say, the two have elected to adopt their first child, a choice in which they seem completely prepared.

The sweet couple kicks off the video by saying that they can’t wait to experience every facet of parenting, even the “messy” moments. In fact, the soon-to-be dad asserts that he’s “looking forward to the mess” that comes with adoption.

While we feel that there is probably a better word out there than “mess” to describe some of the more unconventional challenges that come with choosing the route of adoption, we know exactly what the couple means by this. After all, they are simply acknowledging that their baby is going to be born into alternative circumstances.

For instance, there is something jarring and beautiful about watching two parents react to the birth of their child, when they are nowhere near a delivery room in the first place.

You see, Matt actually has to go to Katie’s workplace to tell his wife that their daughter has been born. They are far away from their baby, but their reactions are like any of those you’d see from new parents—pure elation and lots and lots of tears!

And later, it’s a stunning sight to see Katie and Matt get to finally meet their baby, Natalie Gray. The two are absolutely awestruck; it’s clear that they bond with her the moment that they hold her. It’s especially sweet to watch Matt’s fatherly pride take over; he just can’t help but grab hold of the infant before his wife even gets the chance!

With that being said, what we love most about this video is the fact that it’s so evident that both parents want this little baby in a very real way. On the other hand, it’s upsetting to think that Natalie’s fate could have been at the hands of the State—this little girl truly is lucky to have been placed with such loving parents so early on.

baby Natalie Gray smilingGenesis Media Solutions
If you are at all curious about adopting someday, this may just be the thing that convinces you to make the decision. To see beautiful Natalie meet her forever parents, be sure to click on the video below. We think these three are going to have an amazing life together!

What do you think of this special adoption story? Were you adopted? Are you considering adoption?