You’ll Marvel at How This Little Girl Hacks Life

Have you ever heard of Adalia Rose? She’s a little ball of sunshine who’s been taking the Internet by storm since her web debut in 2012. Diagnosed with progeria a few months after her birth, she and her mom Natalia regularly post on social media.

In case you’re wondering what progeria is, it’s a genetic condition that’s extremely rare and only affects children. The condition alters both the inside and outside of the child, causing premature aging at a rapid rate. The appearance of progeria is marked by hair loss, low body fat, stunted growth, and aging skin.

Sadly, it is always fatal. Children born with progeria can live anywhere from 8 to 21 years old, with the average age being 13 or 14. But that doesn’t stop these kids from living normal and happy lives. Kids around the globe like Adalia Rose hang out, attend school, and are highly gifted in areas like academics, sports, and music.

According to the Progeria Research Foundation, there are 146 known children living with progeria in the world as of December 2016. To get a peek inside the life of one of them instills a new awareness as well as inspiration. For 10-year-old Adalia Rose and her 14,000,000 plus Facebook followers, it’s an opportunity to be a part of her journey and her family.

Image of Adalia Rose on couch.AdaliaRose
In this video shared by Adalia, she is letting everyone know how to get things done, but in a lazy way. How many times have you ever felt like that? Aptly titled “Adalia’s Lazy Life Hacks”, you can’t help but take notes. We’ll share a few tips here, but you’ll have to watch this charming clip to learn the rest.

Light Switches

Who says you have to get up and flip a light switch with your hand? By following Adalia’s advice, all you need to do is get a hanger to click it on or off.

Royal Throne

You’ve got to love how she calls using the toilet “going 3,000”, and by all means you must have a bottle of “3,000 spray” handy. Known by its brand name of Poo-Pourri, it’s clear Adalia thinks it’s a must-have before having a seat.


Seen lounging on the sofa, Adalia explains that when she feels “reaaally lazy,” she just gets her fam to do stuff for her. She sweetly summons her dad for a chocolate drink and he promptly brings it over with a straw, and holds it while she drinks. Now that’s living!

To end her video, Adalia says she hopes that we like her hacks and to remember to shimmy. You’ve got to see her shimmy to make sure you do it as well as she does. This little lady has a beautiful spirit, a fun personality, and definitely knows to hack life. You can’t help but cheer her on!

Which hack will you try first— the hanger, 3,000 spray, or summoning a family helper? Or will you just skip straight to the shimmying? Tell us what you think of Adalia Rose’s bubbly video and helpful tips in the comments!