How to Achieve a Stable Ponytail

Ponytails – hang ‘em high or hang ‘em low, and you’re good to go. Well, almost. Some women struggle with drooping ones that look like the elastics got bored and gave up. For shame!

Wearing out hair ties trying to hold up your ponytail? Is the weight or length of your hair causing your ponytail to drop down a slippery slope? Bouncing around while exercising causing your pony to run loose?

There’s a solution for that that doesn’t involve hairpins or headache-causing tightly-wound elastics. Gretta Monahan visited the set of the Rachael Ray Show and doled out some sweet advice on how to conquer saggy ponies. Using an audience member to demonstrate the technique, Gretta shares that it takes about 5 minutes to do.

Start by sectioning the front of your hair away from the rest, loosely with your fingers. Allow the front section of hair to stay free, framing your face. Still using your fingers, part out another section at the upper part of your crown, using your eye line as a guide. You should now have front and back loose sections of hair. Sweep the parted section of hair up into a high pony, and secure it with an elastic.

If it looks funny, stay with us. With a brush, tease the tiny ponytail at the root to give it volume. Gently brush the loose hair from the nape and front into the existing pony to create a second ponytail. You’ll be hiding the first one. Add another band and you’re good! Two ponies for the sake of one.

You’ll have a cute look that keeps the ponytail up high, all day. Watch the clip to see how easily Gretta styles it by barely using the brush. If your hair is thicker, you can leave less out in the front when you begin and your final tail will still look full of volume.

Sure you can go the route of hair pins and styling products, but this is so much easier. Another trick that some people use is to tilt the head back, pull the hair into a ponytail, and then wrap the elastic around it. It helps to anchor the back section of hair that can cause drooping.

For a more sleek style, wrap a small section of hair from the tail around the holder to conceal it. Many people also find that it’s easier to create a ponytail when the hair is slightly damp. With any of these styles, be careful not to pull and band it too tightly, otherwise you can cause damage! Feel free to add some product too if frizz and humidity are your pony’s natural enemies.

The ponytail is always on trend, and you can dress it up with accessories or keep it casual. Either way, this tip can put an end to riding out the rest of your day with a pony that’s hanging down. With enough practice, you might not need a mirror anymore.

What do you think of this ponytail tutorial? Do you struggle to get the perfect pony too? Tell us in the comments!