Perspective can mean everything when it comes to how you snap and view photos. Cameras and editing software can create illusions, but some of the best ones happen organically.

Hunt through the internet and you’ll find an endless assortment of silly, alarming, or “inappropriate” pictures taken at just the right moment, creating an optical illusion for your eyes. Instead of us tricking you with the latest visual puzzle or weird piece of art to decipher with your eyes, we’re sharing some cool and hilarious shots that don’t involve photo edits.

For some of these, you will wind up doing a triple take or a stare-down until you’re able to see the truth behind the image. One glance may not be enough for some of you, and some of these “optical illusions” will challenge your view of space and perception. Prepare to be confused and have fun!

  1. Hugging Couple

    Who’s standing and who’s sitting on the couch? Figure that part out and then try to line those heads up!

  2. Mythical Cat

    With mighty arms and two heads that speak at the same time.

  3. What do you see?

    Here, there’s a father and son enjoying some time in the pool. Both heads are present.

  4. Notice anything about these poles?

    The lack of shadows almost make them look artificial or like a video-simulated image.

  5. Is this a glorious picture of planet Earth?

    Or is it just some car frost that looks deceivingly similar?

  6. Would you eat this broccoli?

    There’s enough to go around for the Green Giant and everyone on the block.

  7. Guardian of the Gate

    He was demoted from his job in the Underworld for losing a head.

  8. What happened to this dog?

    This is not a flying dog-dragon. She just knows how to maneuver her body when she jumps over grates.

  9. What is this baby doing?

    We hope the little one has enough sunscreen for her long legs.

  10. What song or movie comes to mind?

    Yeah, we thought you’d see the magic carpet here too.

  11. If you’re as tired as this guy. . .

    Just catch a ride on the nearest stranger.

  12. Rock on!

    You can try to rock on but these aren’t concertgoers and that’s not a stage. It’s a cotton picker machine in a field.

  13. Does this look like paradise to you?

    Gotcha! Sorry, it’s not an aerial shot of a dreamy beach somewhere. It’s really a nice photo of a puddle in Iceland.

Awesome timing and clever camera work turned these pictures into exercises for our eyes! We hope you were able to decipher what is actually in these photos and aren’t too puzzled. And yes, number 5 is really a car.

Do you possess any pictures that would be the perfect addition to this list? Which of these photos stumped you or still have you confused? Which made you crack up?