If you’re still watching Jeopardy! after Alex Trebek passed away from pancreatic cancer, you probably know that the show has gone through several guest hosts in place of the late longtime host.

Former champion Ken Jennings proved to be a wonderful interim host before the current host of Mike Richards took over, but not without a few hellos from various celebrities. From journalist Katie Couric to Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik, there have been quite the mix of guest hosts, and now Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will guest host for the next two weeks, beginning April 5.

The episodes have all been pre-recorded and are ready for action—but not without a few minor barriers during recording sessions.

“The biggest thing that I wanted to think about was slowing down,” he said regarding the recordings. “I think the nerves come up, especially during the first few games, when I really felt I had some problems with some other clues, reading them. I ended up writing on my podium just some kind of code words: ‘Slow down.’ ‘Relax.’ ‘Speak clearly.’”

Trebek was known or his calm demeanor and eloquent way of presenting all of the clues to his contestants and fans from home—so we can see why this would be such a hard thing to want to conquer!

Nevertheless, Rodgers acknowledges what a big deal it is to get to host the show for two weeks and that no one can truly do it the way Trebek did. “Other than the Super Bowl, this is the honor of a lifetime,” he said.

Check out the promotional video below!

Guest hosts to follow on dates to be determined include CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, Bill Whitaker of CBS News and CNN’s Sanjay Gupta.

Are you a fan of the show? Who has been your favorite guest host so far? Who would you like to see next host the show?