91K Pounds of Ground Turkey Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns

If you’ve purchased Jennie-O brand ground turkey recently, you’ll want to get rid of it ASAP.

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC, has just issued a recall of a whopping 91,388 pounds of their raw ground turkey products. The products were produced on Sept. 11, 2018 and shipped nationwide—and may be linked to salmonella risk. 

Below are the products you should avoid:

  • 1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O GROUND TURKEY 93% LEAN | 7% FAT” with “Use by” dates of 10/01/2018 and 10/02/2018
  • 1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O TACO SEASONED GROUND TURKEY” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018
  • 1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O GROUND TURKEY 85% LEAN | 15% FAT” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018
  • 1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O ITALIAN SEASONED GROUND TURKEY” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018

The outbreak comes after finding salmonella in an unopened package of Jennie-O ground turkey.

The sample found matched the turkey salmonella outbreak strain that began November of last year and has affected over 160 people in 35 states. More than a third of those people were hospitalized and one case was fatal.

This strain of salmonella has been found in all things turkey—from turkey pet food to live turkeys, and in raw turkey products.

This Jennie-O recall comes after Consumer Reports required the USDA to list all the brands associated with salmonella outbreak—especially with turkey-eating holiday Thanksgiving fast approaching.

“The USDA should immediately make public which turkey producers, suppliers, and brands are involved in this outbreak—especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner,” said Jean Halloran, director of Food Policy Initiatives for Consumer Reports. “This information could save lives and help ensure consumers take the precautions needed to prevent anyone in their home from getting sick.”

If you have any of the mentioned Jennie-O products, throw them away or take them to your store for a refund.

And in general, when preparing turkey, remember that turkey should reach an internal temperature of at least 165F. Also be sure to thoroughly wash your cutting boards, counters, and utensils when preparing turkey.

What do you think of this un-timely turkey salmonella outbreak? Will you be eating turkey this Thanksgiving or avoiding it?