This 90-Year-Old Woman Rocked an Adorable Bikini!

This 90-year-old woman is our new idol. When Irene Carney, of New South Wales, was planning her cruise ship vacation with her family, her bathing suit of choice came into question. At 90 and living in nursing home, Irene no longer had a bathing suit on hand. But when shopping for her new suit, her family and caretakers encouraged her to go for a…less conservative option. Open to anything, Irene went for a cute and youthful choice: a red and white polka dot bikini. Little did she know that her new swimsuit would soon become an inspirational, viral sensation.

The red and white two-piece bikini that Irene chose was made by the Australian brand, Seafolly. It’s a retro suit, with that high-waisted bottom that has been growing increasingly popular worldwide. The top is strappy and somewhat revealing, and the bright red color just screams fun, youthful, and gorgeous.

Not thinking much of her bold look, Irene posed for a candid photo while enjoying her family cruise, which was later posted on Facebook. It didn’t take long for the internet to explode with praise for Irene.

Hundreds of people have commented, showering Irene with support for her choice in suit and compliments on her beautiful body. People were clearly inspired that this 90-year-old woman, not the average person you’d see rocking this type of bathing suit, decided to wear a beautiful, flattering bikini.

And what’s more, she obviously didn’t think much of it! She chose the suit she wanted to wear and didn’t let any expectations or self-consciousness hold her back from rocking it and having a good time with her family.

Frankly, she looked amazing! Comments on Facebook agreed, telling her that they admired her showing off her body (despite her age) and embracing her unique beauty. Many even said they hoped they had her body when they were 90! We can’t disagree with that.

But it didn’t matter; no matter how she looked, the point is that she didn’t care! She felt comfortable and beautiful, and that’s what makes this candid photo so inspirational.

The best part of all is that the swimsuit brand, Seafolly, caught wind of their new client/viral model. The team decided to celebrate Irene’s fearlessness and ability to pull off this bathing suit. With Seafolly sharing Irene’s candid photo, the picture is now going massively viral, inspiring thousands of people across the world to embrace their bodies with confidence.

Needless to say, we so admire the message that Irene’s picture has been spreading around the internet. Whether it was intended or not, Irene has shown people of all different body types and ages that it’s okay to show off what you’ve got, and to do it with pride and confidence. This is the ultimate expression of body love, which is especially needed in today’s often negative and body-shaming society.

It seems that we all can take a leaf out of Irene’s book!

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