Any fans of the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding are well aware of the magic that is Windex. According to the flick, you can use it to remedy anything! While we wouldn’t advise spraying it on the skin, like the main character’s father does, the magical blue liquid does do a whole slew of other pretty remarkable things.

Here are 9 completely unexpected ways you can use Windex! For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below.

  1. Cars

    car interiorMarina via Flickr

    Windex isn’t just for your windows and mirrors; it also does a fantastic job of sprucing up your car’s interior—like your steering wheel and dashboard. For the best results, wipe away with a soft microfiber cloth.

  2. Pesky Bugs

    bugMarcelo Jorge Vieira via Flickr

    If the idea of using a highly-noxious aerosol spray to kill common bugs makes you nervous, then reach for some of this versatile spray. It does wonders on slaying ants, beetles, house flies, and even roaches. With that being said, don’t try this hack on bees or wasps—the ammonia is known to agitate them!

  3. Jewelry

    diamond ringElizabeth Murphy via Flickr

    Owners of silver and gold diamond rings will be excited to learn that a 50/50 Windex and hydrogen peroxide mixture can make bling shine like new again. Just drop your ring in the simple concoction—a short 10-15-minute soak should do the trick.

  4. Crystal

    chandelierKen FUNAKOSHI

    Is your great-grandmother’s chandelier gathering some dust? If so, the crystal pieces can be cleaned quite effortlessly with just a few sprays of Windex. The same goes for crystal dishes, ashtrays, and even figurines. Easy as pie!

  5. Stuck Rings

    Ring being placed onto man\'s finger stuckMark Carper via Dollar Photo Club

    Now, I know we said earlier that we don’t necessarily advocate the use of Windex on skin but, as with most things in this world, there is one exception. Believe it or not, stuck rings can actually be removed with just a couple of sprays of Windex. Who knew?!

  6. Stainless Steel

    StainlessSteelPotsandPanselenathewise via Deposit Photos

    You wouldn’t believe it, but you can safely use Windex on all of your stainless steel appliances—that goes for fridges, grills, and even pots and pans. In fact, if you went a little crazy during a flambé cooking session, the spray will easily eliminate that caked-on grease.

  7. Dry Erase Boards

    white boardChris Meller via Flickr

    There’s nothing better than starting the work day with a pristine white board, but anyone who’s ever been a teacher knows that bright white wash can turn cloudy very quickly. Luckily, a liberal application of Windex will get rid of the rest of the residue with ease. For this hack, wiping with paper towels work best!

  8. Clothing Stains

    stainLara604 via Flickr

    While there are plenty of off-beat remedies out there for banishing food stains on clothing, we think this one is the most awe-inspiring! Just a few squirts of the CLEAR variety of Windex can actually work as an effective pre-treater, especially when it comes to eradicating grease stains.

  9. Stuck Zippers

    stuck zipperUwe Hermann via Flickr

    Don’t let a stubborn, stuck zipper cause you to throw away your favorite hoodie. Instead, grab that Windex and apply to the inside-end of the garment. Works like magic!

Who knew that Windex could be so versatile? Now that we’ve enlightened you on this household cure-all, we’d like to hear from you! Have you tried any of these unconventional Windex hacks before? If so, which one is your favorite? How do you like to use Windex?