If you graduated from high school more than a year or a few ago, you might be surprised how much things have changed. We have many fond and not so fond memories of our school days, and some things have changed for the better. Other things have changed because of technology. There are other things we wish wouldn’t change.

While there are many things that have changed since our school days, here are 9 that immediately jump to mind.

  1. Card Catalog

    Do you remember the card catalog? We remember having to learn how to use it and practicing using it in our early elementary years. It should be no surprise that the card catalog no longer exists. Everything is digital now.

  2. Library Checkout Card

    Just like at your local public library, school libraries don’t have library checkout cards anymore. Everything is done digitally.

  3. Passing Notes


    While we remember passing notes to our friends in class when the teacher’s back was turned, kids today just text their friends from their phones. No fancy note folding technique needed.

  4. Typewriters

    When we learned to type, it was on a typewriter at school. Now, kids know how to type basically before they’ve even started school, and this is on a computer, of course. Does anyone even own a typewriter anymore?

  5. Typing Games

    Jumping off our previous point, kids already know how to type because they use computers practically since from the time they’re born. While we remember playing games in computer class to learn how to type faster, kids today are learning how to code instead. Our highest typing speed scores don’t seem so impressive now.

  6. Hard, Plastic Lunch Boxes

    Of course kids still need lunch boxes featuring their favorite characters, but those lunch boxes are much softer than the ones we grew up using.

  7. Trapper Keepers

    Do you remember keeping all your loose-leaf paper containing important class notes and assignments in your carefully selected Trapper Keeper? The organization freak in us loved the ability to add tabs and folders to keep everything easy to find. Nowadays, with loose-leaf paper being replaced by tablets and laptops, that familiar Velcro sound is not so familiar.

  8. Cursive Writing

    We don’t know what we would do if we had never learned cursive writing. The time-saving writing technique is our go-to when we put pen to paper, but many schools don’t think it’s essential for today’s kids to learn how to write cursive. There is the point that with technology we probably all do a lot more typing than writing.

  9. Globes

    Instead of globes and those pull-down maps that used to be in classrooms across the country, many schools now use Google Maps.

To hear more about these and other things that have been phased out of many schools, watch the video below.