Most of us, no matter our level of craftiness, probably have a hot glue gun lying around somewhere. It’s a household staple that comes in handy more frequently than we might imagine – what else are you going to use to fix that chipped coffee mug or make a last minute arts and crafts project?

Hot glue is essential in the home, whether we realize it or not.

Now we have nine more brilliant reasons to run out and buy some extra hot glue sticks, because there are some serious life hacks that hot glue can do for you. Whether you’re resizing a too-big ring or ensuring you don’t slip on the bathmat, hot glue can be used to really improve your life in all sorts of ways!

Check out a few hot glue life hacks from Thaitrick. We guarantee they’ll change the way you glue.

1. Repair a Broken Cord

Broken charing cable.Thaitrick
There’s nothing more annoying than a feathered or torn cord. You just want to charge your iPhone and you have to get the cord to twist in just the right way to get any juice out of it.

Well, you can use a dollop of hot glue around the exposed wires to create almost a second shell! This will help keep the wires contained and get the most charge out of the cord. Much better than buying a new charger, don’t you think?

2. Keep Clothes From Falling

In my closet, there’s at least one piece of clothing that’s always falling off the hanger. If you’re in the same boat, put a little hot glue on both ends of the hanger to create “ribs”; i.e. the plastic bumps that prevent your clothes from constantly falling onto the ground.

3. Fix a Leaky Pipe

Leaking basement pipe.Thaitrick
Have a leaky pipe in the bathroom or basement? Don’t call in the plumber, you can fix that drip yourself. Put a dot of hot glue (as big as necessary for the size of the hole) and spread it so that it covers the source of the leak.

You’ll be surprised how well this simple trick works!

4. Resize a Ring

You got a beautiful new ring! But, sad day, it’s too big. Don’t retire your new jewels before they’ve even gotten a chance to be worn! Just resize them with a little hot glue trick.

Put a little dab on a surface and dip one side of your ring into the glue. Allow another dollop on top and then pull it right up; you’ll see that the ring now fits more snugly!


There are a few more amazing tips on how to use hot glue in the Thaitrick video below! Then make sure to write in the comments section below to let us know what you think about these hacks and share any hot glue tricks you have.