Burglars Never Would’ve Found Her Hide-a-Key If She’d Known about These 9 Hiding Spots

When you don’t have a safe to lock your valuables up at home, the next best thing is to hide your things in plain sight. Secret compartments cleverly disguised as everyday objects are the perfect cover for fooling burglars.

You’ve got to be creative. Forget the “under-the-mat” trick for the spare key you need to leave outside. Save the bank safe deposit boxes for something major. Protect your family jewels, cash, or your comic book collection from sticky fingers by hiding them in a place no thief will look.

Check out these smart hiding spots that will keep your precious belongings safe:

  1. Book Safe

    You can buy a hollowed out, fake book with space for your valuables inside of it, or you can make your own by following this tutorial from Household Hacker. Use an old book that’s laying around or grab a cheap one from a used book store. It’ll look more realistic than a plastic one and no one would be the wiser!

  2. Bolt and Dash

    A decoy bolt can be used to store tiny valuables and rolled up bills. They’re portable and can be left in your house or car.

  3. Lint Roller

    You wouldn’t be wasting your money if you bought one of these to hide your things. It also doubles as a functioning lint roller!

  4. Hair Brush

    The only way a thief would be suspicious of this brush is if you don’t have the hair to go with it. Stash cash, jewelry, or your favorite candy in a brush/safe. A cheap brush with a removable top can be used or you can buy a decoy at a place like Amazon.

  5. DIY Mayo Container

    whip1King of Random

    You don’t have to be a fan of Miracle Whip to whip up this container that looks like a jar of mayonnaise. No burglar is mining your fridge for valuables, and mayonnaise haters won’t touch it either. Save your old condiment jars!

  6. Door Top

    For those of you who are handy, making this door top drop-spot will be a cinch. Hide tiny items or cash inside of a small tube that’s hidden in your door. Drop it in or pop it out for easy access!

  7. Drink Cans

    Who’s going to take the time to go through all those canned drinks that are stacked up in your house? If your bedroom teeters on the sloppy side and you have roommates, this is the perfect “safe” option for you! You can buy faux Coke cans, water bottles, and Arizona tea like this online.

  8. Wall Outlet


    Keep a thief guessing where the good stuff is with an outlet safe. Build your own for $3 by following this tutorial or buy a pre-made one from a retailer.

  9. Pill Bottles

    Keys and other small items can be placed inside empty pill bottles for safekeeping. Faux rocks are cool outside for extra keys, but you can push a pill bottle into a flower planter or dirt bed to tuck away your key. Inside, use non-transparent bottles to trick prying eyes.

There are plenty of other places to store your goods that aren’t as obvious as a safe or treasure chest. Throw some things into unused clothes pockets or empty the batteries from a flashlight and use it. One of best places to hide your stuff is a kid’s room. Their furniture and neglected toys are stealthy spots to tuck away important documents, cash, or other valuables.

Even if you have a security system or a sturdy safe, having backup is a good idea. Thieves don’t want to spend a lot of time digging through your home, so these tricks can throw them off. That goes for the nosy people you might live with too!

How many stash spots do you have in your home? What things do you hide from potential thieves?