The best hacks are the ones that use items folks already have on hand. Well, these 9 bathroom hacks not only use common everyday items, but they save you TIME cleaning, too! Anything that saves me time is life-changing. And after all, cleaning the  bathroom is gross.

You’ll no longer want to put off those dirty, smelly chores. Before these hacks, we would put these chores off for as long as possible until the bathroom was disgusting. No more!

Do you have a bottle of Coke in your fridge? Do you have tea and a newspaper? These are some of the techniques you’ll learn if you keep reading. Plus, you’ll love the last hack for when you travel.

9 Must-See Bathroom Hacks

  1. Clean mirrors streak-free

    There is nothing more annoying than streaks on the mirror, so try this technique. Why didn’t anyone tell us tea and newspaper were the proper way to clean mirrors?

  2. Clean tile in the shower

    Power scrubber to the rescue! Combine a drill, soap, dispenser brush, bolt, washer, and machine screw, and dip in soap. (Be sure to watch the video to see how they fit together.) Turn on the drill, and power was away the grime!

  3. Clean the space between the toilet bowl and the tank tank

    Use a screwdriver, paper towel, and cleaning spray to clean the (super gross!) space between the toilet bowl and the tank. It’s literally a three-second “swipe” and all that dirt comes up quickly.

  4. Clean and polish the faucet and basin with toothpaste

    Clean and polish with toothpaste for a sparkling sink! Toothpaste is actually a pretty versatile cleaning agent!

  5. Clean your shower head

    Clean your shower head by soaking it in a bag of vinegar. We were skeptical, too, but afterward, it works as well as when you first bought it!

  6. Clean toilet bowl— with Coke!

    Use a bottle of Coke to clean your toilet bowls. This is not a “new” hack, but a good reminder that you can use items from your fridge to do more than feed yourself. And honestly, I think it’s pretty scary that a soft drink can be used to clean anything!

  7. Clean moldy shower curtains

    Combine 500 milliliters (16.9 fluid ounces) of bleach with two tablespoons of dish soap and spray on the shower curtain. Let sit 10 minutes before rinsing, and your curtains will be good as new.

  8. Create a fresh smell for your bathroom

    Place a jar of used coffee beans and add a tea light candle. You will be blown away at how great the bathroom smells for guests.

  9. Binder clip “Razor Covers”

    We saved the best for last. Binder clip covers for razors are the best way to protect your fingers when reaching into your travel bag! Prevent injuries and protect your blade.

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