If you’re hosting holiday dinner this year, you might be feeling the pressure to impress. One way to step up your hosting game is in the little details, like your napkins, for instance. Take a cue from the video below and try one of these 9 fancy ways to fold your napkins this holiday season, sure to dazzle your dinner guests!

Although there are so many varieties to choose from (all perfect for different atmospheres and experience levels) we did have a few favorites that stuck out to us! Let us know if you agree with any of our four favorite choices:

The Crown

What better way to make your guests feel like royalty than with this crowned napkin fold?

  1. Start with your napkin in a triangle and take the side corners up to the top to create a diamond. Half-fold the bottom point in, folding the tip back once the fold is complete.
  2. Flip the entire napkin over. Fold in the left side and when you fold in the right, tuck it into the left.
  3. Finish by folding down the top flaps to create an elegant looking crown.

Simple Silverware Pouch

If you’re not looking to go over-the-top, this basic silverware pouch is exactly what you need.

  1. Start by folding the napkin vertically and then horizontally, so you have a square. Take the top layer of the napkin and fold it in half, pressing it down to keep it in place.
  2. Flip the napkin over and fold both sides in, to make kind of a tri-fold shape. There will be a pocket in the bottom right corner which you should tuck the left side of the napkin into.
  3. On the other side, you’ll find a perfectly neat pouch for all your silverware to slip right into.

The Elf Shoe

This is the PERFECT fold for the kids’ table (or the adults, too!) at an upcoming Christmas party! We suggest using green or red napkins, just to be extra festive.

  1. Fold the napkin vertically one way, and then back vertically the other way. Then loop both sides of the napkin around so it makes a partly folded half-circle. Fold in the sides, as if you were making a paper airplane, then fold the entire thing in half.
  2. Pull out both of the winged bottoms, tucking one into the napkin and pulling the other upward to make the top of the adorable “shoe.”

The Rose

We love this technique for a fancy place setting or even a centerpiece.

  1. Starting with the napkin folded all the way out, fold in each corner. Fold each corner in again to make a smaller square.
  2. Flip the napkin over and fold in these four corners, too.
  3. Reach under and untuck the fabric from all six points of the napkin to make a beautiful rose shape.

Which of these napkin folds was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.