Fall means pies— apple, pumpkin, pecan, everything good and tasty from our harvests baked into a delicious treat. Whatever kind we make, one thing is the same from pie to pie— it’s got to have a perfect flaky crust! And if that crust is anything like the ones on this list from Wimp, the crust might be the very best part. Check out our nine favorites that are taking the idea of a crust to a new autumnal level.

  1. Leafy Crust
    LeavesFallPieCrustThe Story of Kat via Wimp

    Have you ever seen anything like this decorative crust before? The inspiration for this whole list comes to us from The Story of Kat, and it looks like a whole bunch of leaves just floated down, settled on our pie, and became edible. What could be more perfect for fall? Maybe . . .
  2. Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

    This recipe? We first told you about this recipe from PureWow back around Easter, but nothing tastes like an autumn dessert more than cinnamon. This crust is like a bunch of cinnamon rolls banded together to make our pies better than ever.
  3. Open-Face Turkey Crust
    Open-FaceTurkeyCrustHungry Happenings via Wimp

    Decorative pie crusts can get just as creative and delightful as anything you might find on a cake— and they’re not limited to apple pies, either! This pumpkin pie idea from Hungry Happenings is perfect for Thanksgiving, and you can use the basic method to create any happy picture you want.
  4. Pumpkin Pie With Leafy Rim
    PumpkinPieLeafRimFine Cooking

    Still thinking about that leaf design but think it might be a little beyond you? Then try this version, from Fine Cooking . . .
  5. Bella’s Banquet
    AlternateLeafCrustBella's Banquet

    . . . or this one, from Bella’s Banquet.
  6. Apple Tree Pie
    FallTreePieFamily Feedbag

    You can’t have leaves or apples without trees, and this recipe from the Family Feedbag makes clever use of top-crust cut-outs to create one on their apple pie.
  7. Calligraphy Pie Crust
    CalligraphyPieCrustStyle Me Pretty via Wimp

    Its name notwithstanding, fall is about so much more than leaves, so if the previous ideas leave you cold, try this Calligraphy Pie Crust from Style Me Pretty. If you can write messages on cake, after all, why not pie?! Can’t you just see this one on your Thanksgiving table with “Thanks” or “Grateful” written on it— or even at a Halloween party, with “Boo!” instead?
  8. Miniature Pies
    MiniApplePieForListPiggy Wolf

    One of the easiest but best ways to make pie more exciting? Shrink it down! We told you about this recipe from Piggy Wolf just a few days ago, but we love it so much we have to mention it again.
  9. Lattice Work
    LatticeWorkPieSweet Dreams via Wimp

    When in doubt, go classic. When you imagine a pie cooling on the windowsill on a crisp fall day, this lattice-work kind – which Sweet Dreams demonstrates – is the one we all picture.

Which one do you think you’re going to try first? We think we’re going to start with the simple leaf design and build up from there!